Aloe vera through history – Everything we need to know about this plant!

Aloe vera through history

Aloe vera is one of the oldest and most exquisite plants.

It is mentioned in the records of ancient doctors, in the Bible (The Gospel of John, the head of 19, the verse 39 and 40), as well as in the texts of most of the founders of modern medicine.

All the old cultures knew about it. The old nations waged war on areas where this plant succeeded.

His “magic properties” confirmed it to the millennia, and was re-discovered in the middle of last century.

The development of technology has made it accessible to people around the world.

Since this plant is endowed with such marvelous properties, throughout history, it has been called in many parts of the world by many wonderful names such as: immortality plant, fountain of youth, silent healer, harmonic remedy, desert lily …

This modest plant has been surrounded by various myths and legends for centuries, so it has occupied divine status in some ancient cultures.

Dr. John Danhof says, “If Aloe Vera was discovered today and its significant healing properties investigated, it would be celebrated as a miracle cure this century.”

That’s a good reason to get to know her a bit closer.

Aloe vera – a plant

In nature there are more than 300 types of Aloe vera, but only four species have significant healing properties.

The most craving and richest of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other beneficial ingredients is Aloa barbadensis Miller, known under the name Aloa Vera or the law of Aloe.

The plant of Aloe Vera originates from Africa and has spread over time to almost all continents.

For example, in America they are in 15. century brought the Jesuits who followed the Spanish conquerors.

This plant only works in the warm and dry climatic areas.

The shape resembles a cactus, but botanically belongs to the lily family, along with black and white bowls, lilies and tulips.

Aloe vera has long, hard, green leaves in the shape of a sword, sharp peaks, and at the ends of the leaves are the stems.

The leaves grow in rosette form directly from the ground.

When it blows, it gives a light yellow flower. The flower is located at the top of the stem that protrudes from the center of the plant and significantly overlaps the leaves in which the gel is.

Rod Aloe vera belongs to a larger family of plants called xeroids because they are able to close their stomachs (tiny openings in the epidermis of the leaf) and thus preserve water reserves in the plant.

The ability to conserve water allows it to survive long dry periods.

Because of its special chemical properties, it is almost at present able to close any damage to the basket list and thus prevent moisture loss.

The highest healing properties of the gelatinous plant are given after the fourth year of age. The outer leaves of the plant are then ready for harvest.

The mature leaves of mature plants reach a height of 60 to 90 cm and can weigh 1.5 to 2 kg.

Each stage of harvesting and harvesting of this plant is done manually, so that the leaves will not be damaged. The internal gel, exposed to external influences, oxidizes in a short time losing its effectiveness.

In commercial processing it is very important that gel stabilization plants are located near the plantation.

Composition and Effect of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a real treasure trove of nutritious and healing ingredients found in the inside of the leaf, the so-called. gel.

The herb contains a complex mixture of via 200 mutually related active substances that are most effective in this natural balance.

This plant is still subject to scientific research and further development of technology, its list of ingredients and useful properties is increasingly expanding.

Among other things, in the rich treasury of Aloe Vera Ingredients, 12 Vitamins, 20 Minerals, 18 Amino Acids are the most complete medicinal herbs.

12 vitamins: A (beta carotene), C (ascorbic acid), E (tocopherol), B1 (tijamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niiacinamide), B6 (pyridoxine) and B12 are rarely found in the plant world .

More than 20 minerals: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron, chrome, copper, zinc, selenium …

Amino acids
Aloe vera provides 18 amino acids from possible 22 that human organism requires. In doing so, the 7 of 8 essential amino acids is not produced by the organism and must be injected.


Many enzymes that are essential for proper functioning of the human body have been found in Aloe Vera.

To name but a few: peroxidase, amylase, catalase, lipase, cellulose, carboxypeptidase, amylase, alkaline phosphatase.

Along with these ingredients, Aloe Vera also contains a number of other beneficial ingredients among which are found monoand polysaccharides, unsaturated essential fatty acids,saponins, anthraquinones …

Aloe vera – healing properties

The experience of millions of people around the world over the course of the millennium confirms the effectiveness of Aloe Vera’s effectiveness in improving and preserving health.

Science has not yet fully explained the whole mechanism of Aloe Vera’s action.

It is assumed that its “magical” properties are based on synergistic action via 200 active ingredients.

Aloe vera, which most people know to have beneficial effect on the skin, is even more beneficial from the inside – when it is boiled.

In the last thirty years, with the development of the appropriate stabilization process, Aloe Vera gel becomes irreplaceable in the preservation and improvement of health.

Aloe Vera for outdoor use is most useful as a first aid in various types of heat injuries and wounds, either by fire, freezing, hot water, electricity, radiation, sunbathing … it eliminates pain, prevents infections, stops bleeding and significantly accelerates healing.

In dermatology it helps with: eczema, herpes, allergies, psoriasis, fungal infections, rashes, lichens and puberty pimples.

For the last decade, Aloe Vera has become the “Eldorado” of cosmetic companies and is well represented in skin care products, hair, mouth cavities and teeth.

Aloe Vera, by regular oral use, brings almost all of the body’s functions to balance: from digestion to healthy sleep.

It supplies us with vital ingredients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, polysaccharides, anthraquinones …) essential to the normal functioning of our organism.

Performs detoxification of the whole organism, stimulates liver and kidney function.

Regulates digestion, absorption and digestion of digestive tract. It works favorably on the endocrine system including the pancreas and thyroid gland, as well as the bloodstream.

It alleviates the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Removes fatigue and exhaustion.

Increases immunity of the body. It works against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Removal of rheumatic disorders and pain. It cures inflammatory processes in the joints and muscles.

Aloe Vera gel at any dose is not toxic, has no negative side effects and can not be overlooked.


A large number of individuals’ experiences and published clinical trials confirm the effectiveness of Aloe Vera on various skin diseases such as various types of eczema, psoriasis, itching and other allergic reactions.

It has been confirmed that Aloe Vera has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, relieves pain, reduces inflammation, removes dehydration and stimulates growth of new cells, stimulates collagen and elastin production, reduces and eliminates scars, shortens wound healing time and accelerates recovery.

In gangrene early diabetics Aloe Vera has an irreplaceable role in healing.

The best results are achieved simultaneously Aloe vera gel -naps and Aloe vera creams.

The efficacy of Aloe Vera in the treatment of skin diseases is explained by its ability to penetrate deep through all layers of skin.

All of these are reasons why they are grown in many households and used as first aid in burns and injuries.

Given the remarkable bioregenerative ability, there is no cosmetic product that does not contain Aloe Vera.


The highest healing efficacy of Aloe Vera has in the gastrointestinal tract – digestive organs, when used regularly as a drink in the form of a pure Aloe vera gel.

Normalizes digestion, absorption and elimination.

It regulates the PH value of the stomach and prevents a number of diseases that arise as a result of the disorder.

It plays the role of a buffer and eliminates heartburn. Helps maintain a healthy intestinal flora.

It cleans and regulates the function of thin and thick hose. Normalizes the chair and removes hemorrhoids.

It works to eliminate the inflammatory processes of the whole digestive tract (ulcer, chron, colitis, colitis).

By the way, aloe vera, through its digestive organs, allows normal work and nutrition of all other organs, which can explain the improvement of the general health condition and the reduction of body fatigue and fatigue.

Numerous publications talk about the healing effect of Aloe Vera in digestive organs.

One of these is and“Effect of Oral Consumed Aloe Vera Juice On Gastrointestinal Function In Normal Humans” Prevention 1985., Dr. Jeffrey Bland.


2-type diabetes, most commonly found in adults, is largely a consequence of modern lifestyle and has seen an enormous increase in the number of people in North America over the last few years.

Aloe Vera, as a non-specific biostimulant of physiological functions, has a beneficial effect on reducing the concentration and allows for better control of blood sugar levels.

About the beneficial effect of Aloe Vera Gel on Diabetes Type Two Speech and numerous professional publications.


Aloe Vera shows beneficial effects on cardiovascular problems, helps reduce cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.

It reduces the incidence of angina pectoris attacks, improves the general condition of the body, exerts a preventative effect on the prevention of these diseases, especially in people at risk groups.

The best effect is shown in combination of Aloe Vera Gel and Arctic Sea.

Agarwal, OP Prevention of atheromatous heart dissease, Angiology, 1985.


Arthritis was considered a degenerative disease of the elderly.

What is worrisome is the fact that arthritis in the last few years is becoming more common in younger children (pediatric arthritis).

Aloe Vera is very effective in arthritis, both preventively and curatively.

Many authors presume to act like steroids, but without side effects.

It is equally effective in rheumatoid and osteoarthritis as well as in osteoporosis.

Aloe Vera reduces inflammation in the joints, relieves pain, lowers the island, facilitates mobility, elevates the energy level, etc.

Also, in sports injuries, it shortens recovery time, whether it is injuries to muscle tissue, sprains, sprains, tendon injuries, etc.

The best results are obtained by simultaneous use of Aloe Vera gel with addition of glucosamine chondroin and MSM (Forever Freedom) and MSM cream for exterior use.


The immunological effects of Aloe Vera were known much earlier than immunologists tried to explain the “immunostimulatory” and “immunomodulatory” effects of Aloe vera.

Nature conceals the solution of all health problems but needs to be found.

The regular use of Aloe Vera Gel – a drink, has a remarkable effect on increasing immunity.

At the same time, the general psychophysical condition of the organism is improved.

If it is known that Aloe Vera acts antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antitumor, and immunostimulatory, then it is no wonder its immune effect on the immune system.

In Japan (the country with the highest consumption of Aloe vera), they found that Aloe Vera’s daily doses can prevent lung cancer(Japanese Journal of Cancer Research, Okinawa).

How to Get the Real Aloe Vera?

The production of Aloe Vera preparations is dealt with by more than a dozen producers around the world.

Only a small number of them on the market is pure Aloe Vera gel in its natural form and content.

The true natural Aloe Vera is only the one that after the processing of the bottle retained its original natural properties in its unmodified form and composition.

Only such Aloe Vera has therapeutic effect and positively affects the overall health condition.

Aloe verastops being a legend because its actions have been proven today.

However, products containing a small percentage of Aloe Vera and products produced by inadequate technologies do not have therapeutic values ​​because the effectiveness of Aloe Vera gel depends on the quality of the product.

What depends on quality?

The quality of real consumption of Aloe Vera depends primarily on the method of processing and the stabilization process.

Processing by using only the inner content of the leaf – gel, eliminates the need for filtration, whereby the gel retains all active components in the natural equilibrium.

The goal of stabilization is long-term preservation of the original form of Aloe Vera gel in unaltered natural state.

This is achieved by a “cold” stabilization process which prevents the thermal decomposition of the active substances and the use of natural preservative extracts.

The owner of this patent and the process of stabilizing the company is Forever Living Products, which is the largest manufacturer, processor and product distributor on the basis Aloe vera in the world.

The largest consumers of these products are the most developed countries – Japan and Germany.

FLP breeds and stabilizes Aloe Vera in a natural way already in 37 years. and is the owner of 92% of world plantations of Aloe vera.

Quality Aloe Vera products are obtained from the inner part of the leaf – the gel, the “cold” stabilization process, using natural preservatives, papaya extract, seaweed, black currant, lemon …

Aloe Vera Quality and Weight Loss

Traditionally, Aloe Vera is an extraordinary means to balance the digestive tract.

It stimulates the irritated bowel, balances the transition of food through the digestive system, stimulates digestion, helps with sensitive colon, gastric mucous membranes, increased stomach acid, uncomfortable, lazy stomach and meteorism.

Many clean and deeply decontaminate the body so that it is easier to defend against external attacks and cellular degeneration.

It stabilizes and normalizes all body functions, moisturizes tissues, accelerates and re-establishs natural protection.

It is recommended for skin and mucous problems, cleanses acne, soothes irritated and reddened skin, cleanses the intestinal organs and nourishes it, effectively cleanses the wounds and wounds in the mouth because of the active enzyme that is effective in skin wrinkles, accelerates wound healing, soothes and protects damaged skin, acts against the prick and hair loss.

Aloe vera with regular oral use establishes balance of all functions in the body.

It contains an acemanic, a substance that stimulates T-lymphocytes, which make the first defense of the body, thus preventing entry of harmful substances.

Aloe vera helps digestion, affects the proper circulation and function of the kidneys, liver and bile.

Aloe vera has proven to be effective in various digestive disorders, including gastritis.

It contains the substance giberlin and polysaccharide, which effectively reduce inflammation and enhance the healing of damaged gastric mucosa.

Aloe vera is an effective anti-pain agent due to salicylic acid content, which can be of benefit both in acute and chronic gastritis.

There is an increasing number of studies confirming the anti-diabetic effect of Aloe Vera, so most of these studies suggest that daily consumption of 50 ml of Aloe vera juice can reduce the blood glucose level, which is measured on the basis of even 43%. Likewise, daily use of Aloe Vera also has a beneficial effect on triglyceride levels, which are often elevated in people with 2 diabetes.

In addition, oral administration of Aloe Vera Gel, besides helping to lower blood glucose, also stimulates the body’s own antioxidative defense against free radicals and oxidative stress.

Furthermore, it promotes the removal of harmful substances and alleviates the side effects of chemotherapy.

Because of the anti-inflammatory activity it is also used in rheumatic diseases and arthritis.

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