Aloe Vera products in Gynecology

Aloe Vera products in Gynecology


Aloe Vera in GynecologyAloe Vera products in gynecology, doctor’s recommendations . The inner flesh of this subtropical plant serves as a water tank and is similar to the gel.

Aloe Vera has a unique biochemical structure: it contains remarkably balanced amounts of vitamins, minerals – especially zinc, polysaccharides, and enzymes.

It contains more than 250 bioactive ingredients and 20 basic amino acids.

The ingredients themselves are very simple, but the unique way they combine them is.

Scientists conclude that they are synergistically complementary to support many of the beneficial effects of aloe vera on human health.

Aloe Vera is one of the most useful herbs on this planet: it has been established that other beneficial effects on the skin also contain ingredients that help cleanse the body and regulate it and optimally align the natural body immune mechanisms that our body protects against disease.

No other plant has so many health effects.

Experts say it’s a real pharmacy in the plant!


– penetrate into the deepest layers of tissue

– Accelerates wound healing, burns

– regulates metabolism

– normalizes the mental function

– cleans and strengthens the blood vessels

– regulates the level of blood sugar

– rejuvenates and strengthens the body

– It works against bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi

– stimulates the birth of new cells

– removes poisonous substances

– It works immunostimulatively

– reduces inflammation and pain on the skin and body

– stops bone dilution and sclerosis

helps with allergy problems, digestive system, eye, ear, skin, liver, kidney, bile, bladder, prostate, hormone, uterus,

It is recommended for pregnant women and children

Aloe Vera products – Below you will find the products that are recommended in the gynecological area!

Aloe Vera products – Pure Aloe Vera GEL 

Aloe vera gelProduct code: 015, quantity: 1000 ml

The basic product of FLP, which in its original state offers the delicious Aloe Barbadensis Miller.

Aloe Vera has been helping to preserve health, prevent health problems and mitigate it for centuries.

Proto-virulent, with its natural nutrients it repairs deficiencies in the body, regulates the immune system, normalizes the process of digestion, helps to reestablish the disturbed condition in the process of substance metabolism in the body.

The most important function of Aloe Vera is to activateability of self-healing organism.

• It strengthens the resistance of the organism and thus prevents the onset of the disease, especially the immune diseases


• releases the body from toxins, poisons, alcohol, narcotics, free radicals

• It works against inflammation in the body, such as: bronchitis, lung inflammation, asthma, inflammation, coughing, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract (bruising in the abdominal cavity, digestive disorder, stomach ulcer and twins, diarrhea, haemorrhoids) Urinary tract inflammation (kidney stones, urinary tract inflammation and bladder)

• destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi (especially Candida albicans) and larvae

• Has the ability to cling to the surface of the mucous membrane and injured skin

• Reduces pain, improves the condition of your psyche

• regulates the chair, reduces the level of blood sugar

• Reduces the level of blood sugar.

Aloe Vera products – ALOE BERRY NECTAR

Aloe Berry NectarProduct code: 034, quantity: 1000 ml

This Aloe drink is a very good taste and contains all nutrients that are characteristic of Aloe Vera Gel and are enhanced by the addition ofcranberriesandapples.

Cranberry is rich in vitamin C, and it is also very useful for purifying urinary tracts. Apple juice contains C and Vitamin and potholes.

It is especially recommended for people who have difficulty swallowing, flu-like sufferers, as well as for all physically weaker people. Children like to drink it.

Use: It is used in allergy and asthma, urinary tract diseases, anemia and malnutrition, kidney and prostate diseases, gynecological diseases, chemotherapy and radiation, epilepsy, post-mortem recovery.

Aloe Vera products – ALOE BITS ‘N’ PEACHES

Product code: 077, quantity: 1000 ml

In healing, there is no difference between Gel and Berry Nectar.

The difference is only in taste.

The nutritious fragments of Aloe Vera are combined with the taste of sun-drenched peaches.

Aloe Vitamin cocktail was added to the carotenoid, which is necessary to maintain the immune system.

It is particularly effective in preventing constipation, and is liked to drink it because of its fantastic flavor.

 Aloe Vera products –FOREVER LYCIUM PLUS

Forever Lycium plusProduct code: 072, quantity: 100 tablet

For thousands of years Asian residents have been using licia and sweet root for maintaining their health.

Based on that tradition, Forever Living Products has combined two medicinal plants into one product.

These two plants are perhaps the longest in history and the richest documentation among those we have

in our program, and stretch back thousands of years back, especially in Asia, where doctors of these two plants are recommended to treat many diseases.

LYCIUM BARBARUM is a plant whose long tradition confirms its effectiveness and is used against aging, for strengthening the body, improving vision, skin beauty.

For these purposes, the Chinese have been using it for thousands of years.

They have successfully used it in the treatment of burns, sores, and frostbite.

Pure blood, regenerates the cells of the organism from the inside out, improves the damage of free radicals.

Nowadays is also used for eliminating side effects chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

LICORIS (Chinese Sweet root) is a medicinal herb that is most commonly recommended in China, and is today one of the most sought after medicinal herbs.

Over the past few decades more than a hundred scientific papers on licorice have been published.

It has been found to contain more than 150 chemical unions that play a role in preserving the optimal health condition.

Application: In all types of tumors and cancers, all myomas and cysts, kidney, liver, prostate, leukemia, drug and drug poisoning, gynecology, alcohol addiction, bodybuilding, burns and fever.

regenerated tissue from the inside, improves vision, slows down aging, and prevents chemotherapy and radiation side effects.

Aloe Vera products – FOREVER MULTI-MACA

Forever Multi MacaProduct code: 215, quantity: 60 tablet

Forever Multi-Maca combines the legendary Peruvian Mace with powerful healing plants and other carefully selected ingredients to produce one of the best products of this kind.

Maca the plant is respected more than 2000. years in Peru.

According to the legend, warriors from the Inca tribe came to Mac before leaving the battle to be more powerful and enduring.

The Spanish rulers called it “a tribal plant

sex “. Modern researchers have suggested that Mac increases libido, sexual potential and energy.

Women in South America have also taken it for thousands of years to increase endurance, stamina and prevent injuries and reduce stress.

Peruvian women have begun to take Mac back in the third year of life to remain strong, fertile and productive, and durable in their further lives.

Mac can increase female libido, and in order to achieve the best results it should be taken daily.

It contains 60% carbohydrate, 10% protein, 8,5% fibers and 2,2% lipids.

Maca promotes sexual function due to high concentration of protein and nutrients.

Many Mac’s proteins are in the form of amino acids that are needed for many body functions, including sex-fertile function.

After all, they are important for producing substances that send signals to the nervous system

they play a major role in the process of sexual excitement and psychic power during sex.

The main amino acids required by these substances include: phenylanine, tyrosine and histidine – all three found in Maca.

The Maca contains an amino acid (arginine), which most likely plays the most important role in the fertility and activity of men.


Forever Active ProbioticProduct code: 222, quantity: 30 tablet

The intestinal flora is damaged by unhealthy food, unhealthy diet, alcohol consumption, smoking, harmful environmental influences, stress impacts and more.

FLP has recognized the important role of these useful bacteria.

The product is designed to improve the digestive system health.

The best thing about Active Probiotics is what they do in tandem with Aloe Vera.

The combination of these products contributes to the maintenance of digestive system health, increases immune function and improves the absorption of nutrients.

Forever Activ Probiotic The tablets contain 6 types of bacteria that are essential for normal bowel work.

These are: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus bulgarics, Lactobacillus pllantarum.

The tablets are made with a special patented technology that enables bacterial activation only when the tablets reach the colon and colon.

It is the only product on the world market that contains six types of digestive bacteria and does not have to be kept in the refrigerator.

Use: In all intestinal flora disorders, for regeneration and strengthening digestive tract.

Dosage: 1 – 2 tablets a day, swallow with water on an empty stomach or two hours after eating.

Application: In poor digestion, allergy, infectious intestinal inflammation, ulcerative colitis, poor immunity,

egzom and other skin diseases, diarrhea, fungal intestinal infections, Crohn’s disease.

Aloe Vera products – Aloe vera GELLY –green cream

Aloe vera GellyProduct code: 061, quantity: 118 ml

It consists of 100% stabilized gel, and vitamin E. It is especially effective for irritated and problematic skin.

The gel works soothing and the algae that come into the composition of this preparation make the skin smooth. It can be put on an open wound.

Aloe Vera Gelly is a lousy variant of Aloe Vera Gela.

Thanks to its composition it is easily absorbed in the skin and thus accelerates the regeneration process of the skin.

Application: burns, psoriasis, scarring and bruising, hemorrhoids, dermatomycosis, insect bites, toothache and toothache, ear infections, injectable decubitus, blisters, sneezing, pimple, diaper inflammation, open warts diabetic, viral warts …

It quickly eliminates pain, inflammation and swelling.

It destroys microorganisms and accelerates the healing of damaged tissue.

Using: Pre-cleaned in the skin apply the desired amount and repeat the procedure several times a day.

Massage to absorb into the skin. First, apply Activator or First.

FOREVER B12 PLUS– Vitamin B12 and folic acid

Forever B12 plusProduct code: 188, quantity: 60 tablet

So far, vitamin B12 could only be used in the form of ampoules, but Forever Living Products once again surprised and patented vitamin B12 in tablet form.

Vitamin B12 and folic acid they are involved in metabolic processes in the body in a complex way.

It is one of the most essential vitamins for producing red blood cells, protein synthesis and carbohydrate synthesis, and fatty cell metabolism.

Using: Recommended dose for adults 2 × 1 tablets daily.

Aloe Vera products – ALOE FIRST

Aloe Vera FirstProduct code: 040, quantity: 473 ml

Aloe First is a liquid emulsion containing 78% Aloe vera and extract of 11 herbs, propolis, alantoin.

First is the first aid to headache, burns, sunburn and radiation burns, stopping bleeding, muscle spasms, muscle spasms, spasms and paralysis, skin diseases, allergies, inflammation of the oral cavity, bleeding from the gums, ear infections, pruritus…

Application: Remove damaged or damaged skin several times during the day. sedate

it’s in the nose code sinus inflammation, in mouth code inflammation of the throat. Shake your ears at your ears …

If you are allergic to propolis, first try First on your wrist and chest, so if you do not get an allergic reaction you can continue to use it. Do not spray it in your eyes!

Recommended for every household

as the first aid in the house!

Aloe Vera products – BLOSSOM HERBAL TEA

200_largeProduct code: 200, quantity: 25 bag

Tea from flourishes aloe and healing herbs is without caffeine and teenagers and as such suits every aspect of a natural and healthy lifestyle.

The profound composition and taste originate from the Chinese cinnamon,cloves with Madagascar,nutsfrom Jamaica, a Chinese ginger, chamomile, cardamom, sesame, anise, blackberry leaves, orange peel.

Using: Tea relieves pain and cramps, reduces inflammation, reduces intestinal problems, improves circulation, cleanses blood (400% flips faster with Aloe vera gel), excellent diuretic, improves digestion, helps with insomnia, relaxes, relieves prostate problems, reduces blood sugar levels, reduces muscle pain, relieves menstrual cramps …

Application: Toasted tea relaxes the body and helps people who suffer from insomnia, and cold tea refreshes.

It is recommended to drink two liters a day. One bag is enough for two liters of tea, and at high temperatures and liquid jams in the 1 bag on the 1 cup.

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