Cancer Can Be Cured Recipe of Father Romano Zaga

Cancer Can Be Cured Recipe of Father Romano Zaga


Recipe of Romano Zaga and Aloe Vere’s healing properties – In the 20th century, when the reputation of aloe vera was already known to the medical profession, research on this subject was even more numerous.

The year 1984. it has been shown that application of aloine gel to the skin accelerates at least eight times the formation of fibrous tissues, enhancing proteins in the skin itself, which is of the utmost importance for the creation of collagen: this explains the ability of Aloe Vera Gel to slow skin aging as well as its ability to prevent wrinkle formation .

Physiologist Ivan Danhof explained the strong potency of hydrating aloe vera with the presence of polysaccharides, which with Munda can reorganize the rabbit epidermis cells; Shortly after this knowledge, Japanese Fujita has come to the conclusion that the bradykinase enzyme with salicylic acid determines the ability of aloe vera to fight pain and fever, as well as its soothing properties.

The year 1985. a group of Canadian researchers isolated from the aloe vera molecule of a polysaccharide, acemannan.

At the same time, Bill McAnalley, a researcher at Carrington’s Texas laboratory, came to the same conclusion.

He called that polysaccharide chairs.

After various clinical trials, he realized that this complex sugar was responsible for the ability of hydration.

Addition of the antibacterial agent also results in a very strong immune response stimulant and by testing on people with HIV, the ability to slow down the progression of this severe disease has been demonstrated, especially for the purpose of protecting the organism against adverse effects in HIV therapy.

Following this route, researchers from the Carrington Laboratory, who have all the legitimate rights for these researchers, achieve very encouraging results.

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Recipe of Father Romano Zaga - Aloe vera healings

Recipe of Romano Zaga: CASE

Father Romano Zaga was born in Brazil, in the town of Progresso, in the year 1932. His parents were immigrants.

At the age of ten he went to the seminary of St. Francis of Assisi in Taquar.

He has been deciding for the Franciscan order for twenty years and deepening his philosophical knowledge as a monk of St. Bonaventure Monastery in Daltro Filho and before he was ordained to go to Mato Grosso to complete his studies of theology.

When he achieved this, he was appointed a priest for a priest and a professor at the Taquari monastery.

Then a long period of his service began as professor and founder of the Brazilian monasteries of this order.

In his memory, aloe vera, as a medicine, known since the earliest childhood: it was used as a hair-care product, but also as a wound healing wound on the soles of children who walked bare at that time.

The year 1991. they invited him to the Holy Land, in the monastery entrusted to the Franciscans at the end of the XIV century. century.

He moved to Israel, where he became a guide to pilgrims, a master of philosophy and a professor of Latin.

In leisure, she expands her natural research by studying the highly represented Aloe Vera Verta in this area.

These years, coupled with the Brazilian experience and gained in Israel, prepared aloe, honey, and alcohol based drinks, which recommended and sacrificed to pilgrims who came to the Holy Land as a sign of gratitude for their efforts.

Continuing their journey, pilgrims Jews, Muslims and Christians have contributed to the spread of good voice about the efficiency and efficiency of this drink according to the recipe of the father of Zaga, which was later published in the “Holy Land” magazine.


Recipe of Father Romano Zaga

Here are the instructions for preparing the aloe gel that we publish thanks to his father, Zagu:

• 350 grammar list of aloe vera
• 500 grams of pure honey
• an alcohol of an average strength
(cognac, whiskey, brandy …)

The Aloe Vera plant itself should be at least five years old.

The leaves should be picked during the first sunset or at the earliest dawn, cleaned with a soft cloth or a piece of cloth slightly moistened to remove impurities.

Then remove the thorns as well as any physical impurities that should be sliced with the knife. Cut the leaves into smaller pieces, put them in a mixer and add honey and alcohol.

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The honey needs to be clean and natural (honey’s naturalness is of essential importance, hence, not so important to it, what quality).

Mix until a homogenous mass is kept in a cold and dark place (prepare in a semi-dry place to avoid oxidation).

The recommended dosage is one tablespoon of a day, before meals.

In this recipe to the author itself, it is not too important quantity, and as with most folk medicines, it should be used according to the personal taste of the consumer.


Recipe of Romano Zaga: EXAMPLES OF CONDUCT

Recipe of Father Romano Zaga - Aloe vera healings

These cases of healing were recorded by Father Romano Zago himself:

Opatija Rudjer from Ravenna 24. February 1994. was said to have a cannabis cancer: he asked the rookie of a jar of aloe vera preparations.

That same year 20. May received new routine results that showed that all signs of tumor disappeared.

Karolina, a three-year-old girl from Florence, was suffering from leukemia.

After chemotherapy, she started taking aloe vera and cured her.

Father Lorenzo of the Order of Little Brothers from Parma had Colon cancer; the doctors recommended a temporary colostomy to be cleansed and may have started chemotherapy and radiotherapy with the aim of giving him the opportunity to live longer.

Father Lorenzo began taking aloe vera and three months later his health improved so much that his doctors removed the bag he had to deal with.

After some time, the general sorrow of the doctor was completely healthy.

Cancer Can Be Cured

Ala, a twelve-year-old girl. was irradiated during a nuclear disaster in Chernobyl.

After only one month of treatment with aloe vera, the girl was completely cured.

The high priest from Belgrade had a tumor on the brain that brought it between the other disadvantages and blindness.

After treatment, the tumor retreated and was seen, though weak, recovered.

Father Thomas, from Jerusalem, operated a tumor on the brain.

After surgery, he received a series of infections until he began to use it an aloe vera gel that interrupted the infection and completely cured.

Monks Muni, Lebanon, from the Order of the Sisters of St. John of Jerusalem, is diagnosed with ovarian and uterine cancer in the final phase. After treatment with aloe vera, cancer has disappeared.

Father Zago recorded his experiences in one part of the publication “Cancer can heal”(” Can Win “,” Adle edizionl “, Padova, 1997).

It is also recommended that the mixture is mixed when the mixture is brought to the bottom of the vessel or when it begins to crystallize.

It is also important that the leaves of aloe vera do not drink until the rain falls: it becomes porous, and the content (which already has 95% of water) and its gel is diluted and loses its effectiveness.

Someone may be a strange alcoholic presence, such as brandy in melon, but distillates are of crucial importance for conservation, ie preservation, and besides, they spread to blood vessels, thereby improving the absorption of gel content.

It is recommended to use this product on an empty stomach to make the best use of it.


You are a hidden garden, you are a sister, a fiance, you are a source of milk and honey.

The smell of your clothing is the smell of Lebanon. You are a flower garden, a deep source, a rich fountain.

Your water is the garden of the most beautiful roses, the one where gold and purple fruit grows, and mangoes and nuts with the most beautiful fruit, goat liver with sherry jasmine, and scented roses and all the trees that give incense smells of resin and texture.

Ask me what secret power is holding me during my long posts, above all, it is my enthusiasm for God then my simple life, moderation in food and drink, and aloha, whose wealth I discovered on the road to southern Africa.
-Mahatma Gandhi
Four plants are irreplaceable to a man’s life: wheat, grapevines, olives and aloes; the first one feeds him, the other heals the heart, the third balancing him, and the fourth heals him.
-Kristofor Kolumbo
Anyone who has a diet has a whole apothecary in one plant.
-Dr. Windel Winters

If you want to be long-lived like Noah, take aloe tablets.
-Francois Vincent Rasperl

More information about the right Aloe Veri you can read our articles in the section Aloe Vera.

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