Cat Abscesses – Use of aloe vera in veterinary practice

Cat Abscesses – Use of aloe vera in veterinary practice

Cat abscess

Cat abscess is quite a common occurrence in veterinary practice.

Cats are very territorial and fights frequently break out.

Bites and scratches inject micro-organisms, particularly bacterial, under the skin.

These multiply over a period of days to form an abscess.

This will finally rupture, often killing quite large areas of skin over the site and pouring out a considerable amount of pus.

The cat can become quite ill due to the bacteria invading the blood stream.

Treatment of Cat Abscesses:

  • During the early stages encourage the abscess to ripen with hot poultices.
  • Veterinary advice should be obtained to decide if antibiotics or other medical treatment is required.
  • Spray the area with Aloe Vera spray solution.
  • Apply Aloe Vera gelly.
  • Add 15-20mls of Aloe Vera gel to the diet.
  • Give one bee propolis tablet per day.

When the abscess bursts, this will give the cat some relief from the associated pain.

To keep the open wound clean and assist healing:

  • Wash with diluted Aloe Vera soap.
  • Spray with Aloe Vera spray solution.
  • Apply Aloe Vera gelly. Change to Aloe Vera propolis creme if the area is infected.
  • Apply these topical preparations 2-4 times daily.

These wounds heal quickly from the inside as the cavity is filled by granulation tissue.

If the area does not quite heal then:

  • Wash with dilute saline solution (1 teaspoon of salt in 1 pint of water) twice daily
  • Apply Aloe Vera propolis creme instead of Aloe Vera gelly

Foreign Body Abscesses

These are seen in all species, often as a result of trauma from grass seeds, blackthorns, twigs, splinters, gun shots and many others.

The small entry point for these foreign bodies can heal over to develop into anabscess several days later.

Treatment – as for Cat Bite Abscesses

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