Cat Flu – Aloe Vera In Veterinary

Cat Flu – Aloe Vera In Veterinary

Cat Flu

Cat flu – feline influenza is caused by a mixture of viruses that are secondarily infected by bacteria.

Two of the most common viruses are a herpes virus – Feline rhinotracheitis virus and Feline calici virus.

The disease is transmitted between cats via the aerosol route, particularly through sneezing.

It can also be spread by touching.

Some cats become chronic carriers of the virus and so spread the infection.


The initial symptoms are sneezing, a temperature and loss of appetite.

Cat Flu symptomsSalivation due to oral ulceration is quite common, as is a cough.

Some develop eye infections and sinusitis.

Secondary infection with bacteria can lead to chronic ‘snufflers’, others develop bronchopneumonia and a few die due to these complications.

Kittens and immunologically compromised animals are most at risk.

Treatment of Cat Flu

Effective vaccines are available to prevent this disease and should be started when kittens, as directed by a veterinary surgeon.

Cases normally require antibiotics and other veterinary drugs.

Aloe Vera Gel

Good nursing is essential since many of the cats go off their food because they cannot taste or smell.

Frequent cleaning of discharges from the mouth, nose and eyes is essential to improve well being.

Aloe Vera gel can be given by mouth.

Eyes and nose can be cleaned with Aloe Vera First.

Inhalation of Aloe Vera spray solutionAloe First can also help to relieve the symptoms and kill off the viruses
and bacteria involved.

Oral administration of 1/2 a bee propolis tablet twice daily may also prove beneficial.

Remember this is a highly contagious disease to other cats so keep them isolated and pay particulai
attention to your own hygiene so that you do not unintentionally spread the disease.

Feline Chlamydial Infection

A much rarer upper respiratory tract infection that causes conjunctivitis with discharges from the eyes, sneezing and a nasal discharge.

Treatment- of Feline Chlamydial Infection

A vaccine is available to prevent this disease and the treatment is as described for cat flu.

Cat Flu - Aloe Vera In Veterinary practice

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