Forever nature min – Minerals from the depths of the sea!

Forever nature min – Minerals from the depths of the sea!

Forever nature min, a natural source of minerals for the organism

Nature min

Forever Nature min – minerals from the sea depth – synergistically bound minerals from the sea and the chelate form micro and macro elements.

Macro elements: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium.

Microelements: selenium and chromium.

This is a remarkable preparation with macro and microelements from the sea which the human body can directly absorb.

They are drawn from the bottom of the sea from the sediment called Montmorillonite.

It was created by sedimentation of marine animals and plants, and the mineral content is very similar to that in the human organism.

Nature min – Minerals from the depths of the sea provides the necessary macro and micro elements and successfully eliminates the consequences of their lack.

They are applied to osteoporosis in older people, for faster bone healing, for nail strengthening, joint pain, depressed persons, chronic illness, etc ….

Mineral Minerals Nature does not contain sugar, starch or preservatives.

Keep in a dry and cool place.

Doctor Comment:

Dr. Milesne Bus Aniko – Minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, fluorine, iodine, molybdenum, chromium, cobalt, selenium, vanadium, nickel, silicon) are found in earth, rocks, metals, .

They are equally important to life as well as vitamins!

Participating in bodybuilding, as well as in substance exchange, involve different enzymes and hormones, helping cells maintain a constant osmotic pressure in the cells.

They prevent the formation of acid or base environment and play a role in maintaining colloidal solvents.

They transport oxygen, unifying the detoxification, allowing the reaction to stimulate, while taking into account the normal state of cells and tissues.

Elements are united in the organism and work hard against each other.

For proper functioning, it does not matter whether there is sufficient amount of mineral substances in the body, but whether they are present in the appropriate proportions.

Microelements are those elements for which our daily need is only a few milligrams and even less, yet slowing or inducing life processes and substance exchange.

Science thinks he has 14 microelements which should be regularly fed with food.

Industrial processing, homogeneous nutrition, packaging that is not chemically neutral and the influence of stress injects imbalance in the proportions of microelements in the body.

Symptoms of the lack of certain macro elements in the organism:

Phosphorus: lack of appetite, weakness, tonsillitis, joint pain, nervous disorders.

calcium: in children it causes rhinitis, in adults it leads to bone softening.

Potassium: vomiting, hypertrophy, weakness of the muscles, lack of appetite, low blood pressure, thirst, insomnia.

Magnesium: loss of appetite, weakness, cramps and tremors in the muscles, anxiety, insomnia, accelerated and uneven heart beat, premenstrual difficulties.

– Sodium: dehydration, low blood pressure, heart disease, diarrhea and dehydration.

– Iron: weakness, headaches, in severe cases of immunity.

– Zinc: slowing down physical, mental and sexual development, slow healing of the wounds.

– Iodine: fatigue, sluggish substance exchange, insomnia, numbness, tiredness, obesity, and in fetuses and infants leads to mental retardation.

– Cobalt: Due to lack of vitamin B12 there is a danger of minor malnutrition, muscle weakness, intestinal problems, and nerve disorders.

– Chrome: It rarely happens but causes weakness, frustration, depression.

– Mangan: slow growth, bone development problems.

– Molybdenum: caries, heart rhythm disorder.

– Copper: Seldom happens, the result is a small number of white blood cells, diarrhea, color change and hair structure.

– Selen: cardiovascular disease, vascular reversal.

For your health to be impeccable and to solve all these problems, Forever Living Product has made the best natural combination of minerals needed by the human body!

To achieve the best and fastest results we have created with you the package, which includes a monthly dose of 3 liter of Forever Freedoma combined with natural min minerals.  

Nature min

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