Horses – Head shaking in Horses

Horses – Head shaking in Horses

Head Shaking

Horse head shakingIn the horse, a complication of sinusitis can be the development of head shaking.

This initially can start from an allergic rhinitis and sinusitis caused by exposure to pollen and in particular these days – oilseed rape pollen.

The horse starts to rub its nose on inanimate objects and will sometimes suddenly stop while being ridden and rub its nose on its foreleg.

This can lead to head nodding, which may develop into violent shaking of the head.

Some horses can become so demented by the irritation that they become uncontrollable and unsafe to ride.

Treatment of Head Shaking

Management plays an important part in cases of head shaking due to pollen allergy.

First, remove the horse from the cause. This may involve moving the horse away from the pollen-rich area.

Sometimes stocking muzzles over the nostrils can help.

Several drugs are used – such as antihistamines and steroids.

Some horses will respond to preventative measures combined with Aloe Vera gel in their diets, inhalation of nebulized Aloe Vera First and 8-20 pollen tablets orally each day. When using complementary treatment, be prepared for the “healing crisis” the nasal and eye discharge con initially get worse for a week, as can the head shaking.

Horses - Head shaking in Horses

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