Conditions of the oral cavity – Aloe Vera in Veterinary Practice

Conditions of the oral cavity – Aloe Vera in Veterinary Practice


Conditions of the oral cavity there are a number of conditions which can cause problems in the mouth which we have listed below:


Inflammation of the lining of the mouth Gingivitis – inflammation of the gums


Inflammation of the tongue Pharyngitis – inflammation of the throat/pharynx


Inflammation of the tonsil

Receding gums

The gums die back exposing the roots of the teeth


There is a break in the epithelial layer of the skin or in the epithelial cells, which comprise
the mucous membrane lining to the alimentary tract, which then fails to heal

Periodontal disease

Here there is a breakdown in the structures which support teeth in their sockets. This can result in loss of teeth.


A deposit which forms on the surface of teeth composed of bacteria in an organic matrix. Frequently it sticks to the neck of the tooth and may cause tooth decay (caries) and peridontal disease.


A calcified deposit which forms on the surface of teeth often referred to as calculus.

Treatment of Conditions of the Oral Cavity

Aloe First

Because many of these conditions result in inflammation, preparations containing Aloe Vera can produce
excellent benefits.

The oral cavity can first be rinsed out or sprayed with Aloe Vera First

Aloe Vera GelIt can also be rinsed with Aloe Vera gel.

The Aloe Vera gelly can then be applied to any specific areas such as the gums, tongue or tonsifs.
The gelly will need to be applied as many times per day as possible because it is quickly diluted by
the salivary gland secretions in the mouth and swallowed.

It is also beneficial to add oral Aloe Vera gel at the treatment level to the diet to help boost and
balance the whole animal.

To help prevent the formation of plaque a tooth gel containing Aloe Vera and bee propolis can
produce excellent results. This non-abrasive tooth gel will kill a high percentage of the bacteria which
lead to the formation of plaque. The tooth gel is also a very good product to use on animal teeth
after they have had tartar removed.

Where tartar is present the twice-daily application of Aloe Vera Gelly for a 2 week period will and its removal.



Conditions of the oral cavity - Aloe Vera in Veterinary Practice


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