Personality or Character – How to Become Successful?

Personality or character?

The reputation is what people think about you.

Personality is the impression you leave.

The character is what it really is.

What do you think most important?

Personality or character! Most people usually resort to personality building, mainly because it is easier, but is it right?

Personality development implies learning new conversational abilities, style and development of speech abilities.

Character is the sum of thousands of small daily efforts to give the best of ourselves!

People with low self-esteem consider the defeat so devastating that they rarely dare even to reasonably calculated risks and thus failing many successes and joyful life (we are a man who risks a free man)!

No man has become great doing what he likes.

Small people do what they want, small and insignificant!

Great people are obedient to the legitimacy of their kingdom.

Concerns should encourage you to action, not yours depression!


Personality or CharacterThe development of character gets a little deeper, heavier and many times involves changes that are at least provisionally unpleasant and often very demanding.

Its much more difficult to develop character than personality and the truth is that rewards are not immediately visible, but in the long run these rewards are far greater!

Good times reveal a part of your character, and the bad ones reveal it completely!

Be like a eraser, acknowledge your mistakes, learn from them, and then erase them from your memory.

Time is flying, navigation is on you.

Many people have talents that have never been used because they have never tried to do something special.

If you wait for your position to become “very perfect” before you do something, you will often miss the life opportunities offered to you!

At no point does it matter what you know or whom you know, it is important who it is!

Today’s way of thinking determines your current practices, and your current practices have a direct impact on your future.

The real thing that you have today, and that is what you have been doing and how you have been thinking in the past and what you will have in the future, depends on what you are doing and how you are thinking today.

Goethe said, “Everyone only hears what he understands!”

Beware, our partner is often in the shadow and too often has a decisive share! Grow with the ghost, but do not overwhelm it!

Otherwise, if you did not know, EGO is an abbreviation of the Here’s Main Person!

If you show an example, you will not need to set rules.

True endurance means making a decision and sticking to it, doing what is needed.

A moral man can not be serene if he left unfinished what he was supposed to do. The chicken is the only one who can sit quietly sitting, the result of which is the egg.

Those who are pushing for great goals, with disappointments, remain very short, and soon continue their journey!

Often you can hear: I am credited for your success! But almost never: I am responsible for your failure!

When the failure is concerned, we have a thousand reasons, but we do not find one in ourselves.

The question of the size of the ego.

There are two ways to make each day better, think and thank.

Failure is the way of the least persistence!

Vince Lombardi said, “There is only one way to be successful, and that’s to do your best!”

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