Risk – Only a man who risks is a FREE MAN!

RiskWhat brings us the risk?

Risk – You have been working for many years and everything is stable and good, but something is “cooked” in you and you finally want to dare to realize your dream?

You’ve always been a wish and you just want to try something new now.

The environment does not support you, are they against giving you security or risk?

Time passes and all the more you are afraid of me?

It is difficult to know what price we pay in the long run.

Isare you ready to give up the chocolate candy now for the future (butuncertain) bombonier?

It is really necessary to do something to achieve something great in life, no matter how you are afraid of this first step.

When we talk about risk, there is always something at stake.

We can look at it too Positive Thinking and to gain the benefit of a potential gain or be focused on its negative outcomes.

In this case, potential losses are greater than possible gains, and by disaster, we can make the consequences of that bad or underestimate our own ability and doubt in ourselves.

Unfortunately, our neighbors, often intending to protect us from these negative potential consequences, are almost exclusively focused on this bad side, losing sight of the potential benefit.

Why risk?

When we talk about good things at code risk, that’s opening up a new one opportunities and challenges.

You will learn new skills and adopt new knowledge.

It empowers you to set new limits and limitations in your thinking.

When you are risking, you can eradicate that thinking, set new boundaries, improve your viewing life, and the ability to achieve higher levels.

Risking also helps you become more creative.

Your natural talent will be solved, you will become more open to new ideas and you will have more desire to try something new.

No life event can be planned to the full.

You will never know if you can succeed unless you step into the new area.

When you do your best to achieve that goal, then you are more likely to achieve it. Exaggerated risks are taken with careful reflection, but the very fact that you are risking makes you want the things you want and accomplish.

Step forward and do not look back. Once you become accustomed to risk, you will free yourself from the average way of living and thinking.

Rather than struggling to stay safe, you will have the momentum and confidence needed to welcome new opportunities in your career and business.

The risk builds your self-confidence and self-esteem, empowering you to feel stronger for taking new adventures.

When you are open to new challenges, you position yourself to make a profit far more than you are left to the same.

How do we overcome our tendency to “play safe” and recognize what risks it is worth taking?

What to do?

Find time for yourself, enjoy yourself and ask yourself the following:

How much and how will it cost me one year of passivity?

How does the present state affect your life?

What did not you do for this situation, what did you miss?

How do you feel in the present situation?

Is this good or bad energy?

How satisfied are your needs and wishes?

How much do you really appreciate yourself?

In what area of ​​my life fear of failure causes me to overestimate the magnitude of the risk, undermining myself and preventing me from taking the risk that would actually help me progress?

What would I do when they would not be afraid?

What do you really want in the short and long term?

What kind of lifestyle do you want now and after?

What will you all get if you make a change?

Imagine being at the intersection of the two paths.

In your thoughts, pass each of the paths, each of the decisions.

First imagine that you have decided to continue to be in the same situation, that six months have passed, imagine that it has been a year and you still carry the same burden.

How are you feeling?

Imagine five, ten years later.

Are you happier, full of energy or more unhappy, exhausted?

Also, go the other way, as if you made the decision about the change.

Understand that every decision shapes your life.

Will you be happy or unhappy, full of energy.

Record the first answers that come to your mind.

They point you to a brighter future that you can only create if you take smarter, more decisive and courageous steps.


  • To laugh it is risk, that they do not consider us crazy.
  • crying is risk, that they do not consider us sentimental.
  • To fight is the risk of being defeated
  • Looking  for help is risk, so that we do not show my right.
  • Learn it rizik,not to show that we are “weak” ¸
  • Show your dreams, ideas to the crowdis rizik,not to lose them.
  • Loveje rizik, so that our love will not be restored.
  • Be honestje rizik,not to be rejected, (find out how to avoid rejection and why people reject us)
  • Be your ownis the risk,not to be rejected,
  • Liveit’s the risk of not dying.
  • hopeit is rizik,not to lose hope.
  • Tryit’s a risk that we would not have succeeded …

We must risk
because it’s in lifethe biggest risk is that we do not risk it.

A man who does not risk doing nothing, there is nothing and nothing.

Without risk, one can not learn, feel, change, grow, love … live.

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Only a man who rises is a FREE MAN

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